Nuestros profesores tienen una adecuada formación pedagógica y experiencia para la apasionante tarea de enseñar inglés a todos los niveles. Son siempre nativas y como somos miembros de ACEIA, hay una formación continua dentro de la academia y fuera. Les evaluamos con regularidad y realizamos evaluaciones de forma periódica, para así garantizar la calidad de nuestras clases.



danielleMy name is Danielle although people know me as Daniela. I was born in Nuneaton but grew up in Roquetas de Mar, Almería, where I went to school and university. I also had the great opportunity to study at university in London and New York. 

I love travelling and animals. I love going for walks on the beach and the mountains with my dog, Minnie. 

Since I was a child I knew I wanted to be a teacher, so I started teaching Spanish after high school to the English that came over to try and make a living here. I would then attend ballet classes in the afternoon. 

I have been studying and working hard ever since to pursue my dream as an English teacher.







Hi! My name is Sophie. I was born in Basildon, a town in the south east of England and grew up in a small village in Granada. I've also lived in Asturias, Madrid, Cádiz and Málaga. I came to Baeza in September and look forward to discovering more about this beautiful town and its culture. 

I love travelling- New Zealand and Germany are my favourite places so far. I'm also an animal lover. Everywhere I go, I bring my two cats and dog with me. When I have time, I like to take photographs or make collages. My interest in teaching started when I was young, helping my friends,  classmates and neighbours to improve their English. 

I started working in an academy 8 years ago and haven't looked back. During this time I've worked with secondary schools,  university immersion courses, children's summer camps and businesses.  Being able to help people achieve their goals and build confidence is the greatest part of the job.